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Design and Make – Egg Protectors

Today, we were looking at a science and engineering activity that would allow us to drop an egg from shoulder height and prevent it from cracking. To begin, each group dropped an egg from shoulder height, with all of them cracking. As you can see, we had to put them in sandwich bags to prevent mess!

Following this, the boys were set a challenge. They had to build a structure using straws, tissue, elastic bands, sellotape, blu tac, as well as other materials, that would protect the egg and prevent it from cracking when it hit the ground. I am sure that there are plenty of future engineers in Room 15, as the boys planned and produced very creative structures. Here are some pictures of the building process.

We concluded by testing our structures to see if the egg would crack or not. The structures all proved to be successful in preventing the egg from cracking. We even had a parachute design, which caught the air, meaning that it hit the ground with very little velocity, and thus did not break.

February Aistear

During the month of February, our Junior Infant men learned about people who help us in our community. We spent one week learning lots of facts about different occupations before we went into our Aistear Stations.

We learned about people in our school who help us. We learned about the different people that help us in hospitals such as nurses, doctors and surgeons. The people that work in our community to help us, from vets to firemen to binmen.

We concentrated on the Doctor Surgery in our Role Play this month. We had great fun pretending to be the doctor or the receptionist or the patients in the practice.  We had to check in with the receptionist, sit with fellow patients in the waiting room and give the doctor our symptoms. When it was our turn to be the doctor we had to listen to our patients symptoms and bandage up wounds or take an x-ray or write a script for medicine!  We all loved the Role Play station this month.


At one of our stations we had fun completing pictures using play-do. We also played a matching cards game. You really had to concentrate to remember where the matching card was!


In the creative station, we constructed forms of transport. We used our imagination and creativity to create a wide variety of transportation.



Some of us even had an x-ray performed at the doctor’s practice. Thankfully there were no broken bones!


In the writing station, we wrote about the different people in our community who help us. We are so excited about being able to read sentences and write them independently.


In the small world station, boys were busy transporting goods to different locations.


We can’t wait to see what activities await us in the month of April!

Active Schools Launch


At Scoil Phadraig we officially launched our Active Schools campaign on Monday 19th February. We invited the parents of Junior – 2nd class to partake in a school walk with their children. We were lucky to have the leaders of Get Clane Fit with us on the day to lend us a helping hand. Our much loved mascot, Active Archie lead the way.



Drop Everything And Run (DEAR) is an activity that we have promoted across the school this year. The boys love getting away from their academic work from time to time and going for a run is a great way to break up the day. Exercise breaks are great for improving concentration across the school day.




Walk on Wednesday (WOW) is ongoing in our school. Green Schools initially introduced WOW and it really has gone from strength to strength. This week was no different to any other. As usual, we had a great turnout of students and parents. We would love to see even more children and parents participate in WOW each week.


A new initiative we undertook was Travel Thursdays. Being active on our way to and from school is a great way to help reach our daily exercise goal. By travelling on their scooters, bikes and skateboards the boys avoided the busy morning traffic! We encourage boys to stay safe while travelling to and from school.


Closing out the week, we invited the parents of the senior classes in to walk with their children. The week was a huge success and the boys can’t wait to continue with and try new exercises and activities on a daily basis. On behalf of the Active Schools Committee, we would like to thank all involved in making our week so successful.


5 Week Draw – Week 5 Winners

5 Week Draw – Week 5 Winners

1:            €300       –  Ms. Anna Doyle              

2:            €120       –  Mr. Bobby McCormack

3:            €  70       –  Ms. Elizete Malone        

4:            €  35       –  Ms. Deirdre Reid

5:            €  25       –  Ms. Tessa Dillon

Congratulations to all our winners and many thanks for your continued support.

5 Week Draw – Week 4


1st Prize – €300.00 Mr. Tony Moylan
2nd Prize – €120.00 Mr. Billy Glennon
3rd Prize – €70.00 The Bennett Family
4th Prize – €35.00 Ms. Eilín Carroll
5th Prize – €25.00 Ms. Hannah McCormack


Congratulations to all of our winners and much appreciation for your continued support!
Final draw takes place on Tuesday 20th March @ 2:45pm – All Welcome!


Junior Infants: Science Experiment

Last week the boys in Room 3 carried out an interesting experiment, which was prompted by our recent weather! It was called “The Snowman’s Coat”.

Having discussed and shared the fun they had in the recent snow, the boys described their many and varied snowman-creations. As they have all since melted, the boys were  asked to think about how they might get their snowmen to last longer! They came up with some very interesting ideas, among them…..

  • put him in the fridge
  • wrap him in an ice-pack
  • make him beside the wall/under a tree
  • put a blanket around him
  • give him a coat and hat

So we decided to carry out an experiment to establish what would happen if we gave the snowman a coat, as some boys suggested. We brought in some snow from the yard and made two small snowmen in our classroom. We tried to keep them the same size, so that it would be a fair test.

We then wrapped one snowman up in a “coat” and placed them side by side at the top of the room. The boys suggested that we would not place them near the radiator or under the light, in the hope that they would last much longer!

The boys predicted what they thought would happen, giving their reasons why. We kept a close eye on our “new classmates” during the day, but before long it became clear that one saucer was filling up with water a lot faster than the other!

Yes, the snowman wearing the coat lasted longer, but can you tell why?

5 Week Draw – Week 3


1st Prize – €300.00 Mr. Anthony O’Dea
2nd Prize – €120.00 Ms. Pamela Berns
3rd Prize – €70.00 The Tully Family
4th Prize – €35.00 Ms. Hannah Burcheal
5th Prize – €25.00 Ms. Abigail O’Rourke


Congratulations to all of our winners and much appreciation for your continued support!
Next draw takes place on Tuesday 13th March @ 2:45pm – All Welcome!


5 Week Draw – Week 2

1st Prize – €300.00 Ms. Sarah Jackson
2nd Prize – €120.00 Mr. Gerard Buckley
3rd Prize – €70.00 Ms. Melina Dela Pena
4th Prize – €35.00 Ms. Niamh Bogan
5th Prize – €25.00 Ms. Karen Doyle

Congratulations to all our winners and much appreciation for your continued support!
Next draw (Week 3) takes place on Thursday 8th March @ 2:45pm – All Welcome!