Junior Infants: Science Experiment

Last week the boys in Room 3 carried out an interesting experiment, which was prompted by our recent weather! It was called “The Snowman’s Coat”.

Having discussed and shared the fun they had in the recent snow, the boys described their many and varied snowman-creations. As they have all since melted, the boys were  asked to think about how they might get their snowmen to last longer! They came up with some very interesting ideas, among them…..

  • put him in the fridge
  • wrap him in an ice-pack
  • make him beside the wall/under a tree
  • put a blanket around him
  • give him a coat and hat

So we decided to carry out an experiment to establish what would happen if we gave the snowman a coat, as some boys suggested. We brought in some snow from the yard and made two small snowmen in our classroom. We tried to keep them the same size, so that it would be a fair test.

We then wrapped one snowman up in a “coat” and placed them side by side at the top of the room. The boys suggested that we would not place them near the radiator or under the light, in the hope that they would last much longer!

The boys predicted what they thought would happen, giving their reasons why. We kept a close eye on our “new classmates” during the day, but before long it became clear that one saucer was filling up with water a lot faster than the other!

Yes, the snowman wearing the coat lasted longer, but can you tell why?