Active Schools Launch


At Scoil Phadraig we officially launched our Active Schools campaign on Monday 19th February. We invited the parents of Junior – 2nd class to partake in a school walk with their children. We were lucky to have the leaders of Get Clane Fit with us on the day to lend us a helping hand. Our much loved mascot, Active Archie lead the way.



Drop Everything And Run (DEAR) is an activity that we have promoted across the school this year. The boys love getting away from their academic work from time to time and going for a run is a great way to break up the day. Exercise breaks are great for improving concentration across the school day.




Walk on Wednesday (WOW) is ongoing in our school. Green Schools initially introduced WOW and it really has gone from strength to strength. This week was no different to any other. As usual, we had a great turnout of students and parents. We would love to see even more children and parents participate in WOW each week.


A new initiative we undertook was Travel Thursdays. Being active on our way to and from school is a great way to help reach our daily exercise goal. By travelling on their scooters, bikes and skateboards the boys avoided the busy morning traffic! We encourage boys to stay safe while travelling to and from school.


Closing out the week, we invited the parents of the senior classes in to walk with their children. The week was a huge success and the boys can’t wait to continue with and try new exercises and activities on a daily basis. On behalf of the Active Schools Committee, we would like to thank all involved in making our week so successful.