Design and Make – Egg Protectors

Today, we were looking at a science and engineering activity that would allow us to drop an egg from shoulder height and prevent it from cracking. To begin, each group dropped an egg from shoulder height, with all of them cracking. As you can see, we had to put them in sandwich bags to prevent mess!

Following this, the boys were set a challenge. They had to build a structure using straws, tissue, elastic bands, sellotape, blu tac, as well as other materials, that would protect the egg and prevent it from cracking when it hit the ground. I am sure that there are plenty of future engineers in Room 15, as the boys planned and produced very creative structures. Here are some pictures of the building process.

We concluded by testing our structures to see if the egg would crack or not. The structures all proved to be successful in preventing the egg from cracking. We even had a parachute design, which caught the air, meaning that it hit the ground with very little velocity, and thus did not break.