February Aistear

During the month of February, our Junior Infant men learned about people who help us in our community. We spent one week learning lots of facts about different occupations before we went into our Aistear Stations.

We learned about people in our school who help us. We learned about the different people that help us in hospitals such as nurses, doctors and surgeons. The people that work in our community to help us, from vets to firemen to binmen.

We concentrated on the Doctor Surgery in our Role Play this month. We had great fun pretending to be the doctor or the receptionist or the patients in the practice.  We had to check in with the receptionist, sit with fellow patients in the waiting room and give the doctor our symptoms. When it was our turn to be the doctor we had to listen to our patients symptoms and bandage up wounds or take an x-ray or write a script for medicine!  We all loved the Role Play station this month.


At one of our stations we had fun completing pictures using play-do. We also played a matching cards game. You really had to concentrate to remember where the matching card was!


In the creative station, we constructed forms of transport. We used our imagination and creativity to create a wide variety of transportation.



Some of us even had an x-ray performed at the doctor’s practice. Thankfully there were no broken bones!


In the writing station, we wrote about the different people in our community who help us. We are so excited about being able to read sentences and write them independently.


In the small world station, boys were busy transporting goods to different locations.


We can’t wait to see what activities await us in the month of April!