Monthly Archives: April 2018

6th Class – Electronics

During the month of April, our 6th class boys in Room 15 have been working on the topic of electricity. We learned about some of the specific vocabulary and terms associated with the topic (diode circuit, insulator, conductor, fuse, battery, switchboard, etc.) and worked with the ‘Cambridge Brainbox’ toolkit to help us experiment with electricity in a safe way. We managed to create circuits that could power lights, make sounds and start an electric fan.

‘Join Our Boys’ Run

We were delighted to support our boys who completed the ‘Join Our Boys’ run in the Phoenix Park recently. Through our non-uniform day and other fundraising, we managed to raise over €1,000 for the charity. Well done boys! We are very proud of you!

Under 10 & Under 13 Football 2018

Our Under 10 and Under 13 footballers have been training hard for the past number of weeks. Both teams are competing in Division 1 of the Cumann na mBunscoil competitions.

Our Under 10 men have had a great start to their campaign, beating both Maynooth and Scoil ui Riada comprehensively. They play Scoil na Mainistreach of Celbridge (May 3rd) this Thursday at home to see who will top the group and progress to the semi-finals as group winners.

Our Under 13s begin their campaign this Tuesday at home to Maynooth. Best of luck to both teams.

Green Schools – Clane Tidy Towns Visit

We were delighted to welcome John Kennedy from Clane Tidy Towns to Scoil Phádraig last Friday (27 April) to talk to our boys about biodiversity in the local area. John spoke about the campaign last year that led to the award of a Bronze Medal for the town, and how they plan on building on this work.

John also spoke about various aspects of our local environment, especially those which related to wildlife and flora. We learned about the impact our behaviour can have on the quality of life for these wildlife. Thanks to Ms. Collins, Mrs. Eyres and the Green Schools Committee for organising John’s visit. We hope to welcome him back when we secure our next Green Flag.

4th Class – ‘Plastics in the Ocean’

As part of work for our Discover Primary Science and Maths Award, our 4th Class men in Rooms 20, 21 and 22 have completed a projected entitled ‘Plastics in our ocean’. The boys have looked at some of the harmful effects of polluting our oceans. The boys found out that by 2050, there will be more plastics in the sea than fish. Plastics in the ocean can cause great damage to wildlife, with thousands of marine animals killed annually due to entanglement or ingesting plastic materials. They then used the findings of their investigations to start a campaign around the school, looking at our use of plastics, and encouraging us to search for alternatives. Among the suggestions are as follows:

  • Use reusable cups instead of plastic or cardboard
  • ‘Ditch the straw’ – replace the straw with reusable materials
  • Reduce the use of plastic bags when shopping
  • Not using toothpastes that contain ‘microbeads

Here are some images of the excellent display that our boys have created in the alarge hall on the topic.

5th Class – ‘Weather Watch’

Over the past week, our 5th class men have been carrying out a ‘weather watch’. We have really enjoyed working as scientists and meteorologists. Before we could begin with this project, we had to understand how weather equipment was used for measurements. We then built our own anemometers (to measure wind speed), rain gauges (to measure rain) and thermometers (to measure temperature). We went out to different parts of the school yard each day to record our findings, and represented them through graphs and images. It was very exciting and interesting to get the opportunity to work in this way.

5th Class – iPad Use

Throughout the year, our fifth class men in both classes have been using iPads to enhance their learning experiences. The first contact they had with iPads was when they used them to undetake a ‘Maths Eyes’ project for Maths Week 2017. They took the iPads and captured images of different things in the school environment, before using Google Docs to create a maths question based on their image.

In addition to this, both classes used the tablets and the ‘Google Slides’ app to create presentations that would accompany their projects for the Intel Mini Scientist exhibition. These presentations gave a detailed account of how they competed the project, the rational behind it and how it worked.

2nd Class – Build a Bridge

We were delighted to welcome representatives from Intel Ireland to the school yesterday (20 April 2018). The representatives visited both of our second classes in Rooms 7 and 10 to discuss the process of ‘building a bridge’. The boys were initially shown pictures of many famous bridges around the world and attention was drawn to their main features. The boys worked collaboratively to firstly design, and then build, their bridges. They were given straws, lollipop sticks, string and ‘blue tac’ and were asked to design a bridge between two chairs that a toy car could travel over. The boys had great fun completing the task and it is clear that we have many budding engineers in our midst.

Peer Tutoring – Coding

Our Sixth Class boys have been using our iPads over the past number of months to become familiar with coding, using ‘Scratch’. The boys have become very proficient, and so we decided that they would mentor our Senior Infant boys from Room 1 in how to code. The boys all went to the small hall last Friday (20th April) and showed our infants how ‘Scratch’ works, before letting them try for themselves. We learned how to make Scratch move from left to right, how to change a background or scene, how to create a story in more than one locations, how to add characters and get them to have a text conversation, and how to modify and create our own characters. We all had lots of fun, and cannot wait until our next session.

SAP Visit

On Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March, our sixth class boys from rooms 11 and 15 traveled to Citywest to visit the Irish headquarters of the engineering company ‘SAP’. The boys learned that sap provide engineering and technological support to businesses all over the world. The boys began their day with an ice-breaker activity where they built structures using spaghetti sticks, before dismantling a computer and looking at its internal components.

After our first break, we looked at designing websites using the ‘Wix’ platform and at some basic coding processes using ‘Scratch’.

For the final part of the day, the boys got to look at some modern technologies and how they are created and used. They looked at robots, drones and various virtual reality games and creations. We had a fantastic two days and would like to thank Ronan O’Connell and all the team at SAP for their invite and great work with the boys.