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Active Archie

Another year has come to a close. This year has been extra special as we had someone very important join our school community, Active Archie.

Archie has been with us at school events such as our school walks, at football and hurling matches, Active School’s week and at swimming lessons.

Archie was also so lucky to visit boys homes. He was kept fit and healthy as the boys did exercises with him at home, brought him on walks, runs, cycles and scoots! He joined boys at their training in the G.A.A and at rugby clubs. He visited local parks and playgrounds. He played basketball, swing ball, tennis and playground games.

Archie has had a fantastic year and we have all loved having him part of our school and home life.

Now it’s time Archie put the feet up and looked back on his memories from the year, of which there are many! He will enjoy the summer holidays and he’s already counting the days until he is back with us on the 30th August.

Scoil Phádraig Marathon Challenge

The month of June saw Junior Infants to 2nd class participate in the Half Marathon Challenge and 3rd class to 6th in the Marathon Challenge. Our running brought our classes all over the world…….

Junior Infants: London Half Marathon

Senior Infants: Dublin Half Marathon

1st Class: New York Half Marathon

2nd Class: Sydney Half Marathon

3rd Class: Berlin Marathon

4th Class: Tokyo Marathon

5th Class: Paris Marathon

6th Class: Boston Marathon

Whether walking or running each child has completed this mammoth task. Over the course of the month the boys even noticed they were able to run for longer distances and didn’t need to take as many rest breaks between laps. Who knows…. Maybe this is the first of many marathons the pupils of Scoil Phádraig will complete!


Junior Infants : Aistear : May

 During the month of May, our Junior Infant men learned about the many different types of transport we use today, as well as those used in the past. We spent one week learning lots of facts about different vehicles old & new, before we went into our Aistear Stations.

We all loved the Role Play station this month.We had great fun acting out the Airport scenario, with security men, check-in officers, passport officials, passengers and even pilots! Look at us in action!  

At the sand area we made subsets of the different types of vehicles in use today . We then had freeplay in the sand with diggers and dumptrucks! Have a look at our photos to see how much fun we had!

In the creative station we made passports and boarding passes, in anticipation of our upcoming flights!

The matching cards and bingo games were good fun too. We learned to keep an eye on the transport cards our friends turned up, especially if they weren’t a matching pair, so that we might get a match next time around!

At the “Play Doh” station, we made hoses for fire engines, rotors for helicopters, trailers for tractors and much more. We are great engineers in Rooms 3,4 &5!

We really enjoyed our Aistear stations this month and look forward to travelling  in many of the vehicles we learned about  during the holidays. Stay safe everyone & don’t forget your seatbelts!

Senior Infants – Mad about Minibeasts!

We had so much fun during the month of May exploring the topic of ‘Minibeasts’ in Senior Infants! We read many different stories relating to this theme such as ‘The Very Lazy Ladybird’, ‘The Snail and the Whale’, ‘Slug Needs a Hug’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

May is a lovely time of year to get out of the classroom and enjoy some work outside. Senior Infants went on a minibeast hunt around the school. After learning all about minibeasts in the classroom, the children knew just where to find them and left no log or rock unturned! They spotted lots of creepy crawlies using their magnifying glasses. Every child recorded their findings and we were all amazed at the variety of minibeasts we have all around us. We shared our results with the whole class when we returned to the classroom. We saw spiders, ants, woodlice, snails, slugs, worms and butterflies! We looked in the vegetable garden and were delighted to see that the slugs and snails were staying away from Denis’ lettuce!

In the role play area, the boys put on their scientist’s coats and had great fun in the ‘Bug Research Lab’. They used pooters, magnifying glasses and gloves to investigate different minibeasts. They enjoyed working with a partner and recording their findings on an observation form.

In the small world area, the boys created a pond habitat using leaves, stones and twigs. They used their imagination and all the facts they had learned about minibeasts to create different scenarios. Some minibeasts camouflaged to stay safe from their predators, others were searching for prey, the caterpillars were eating leaves before the cocoon formed and the spiders were spinning webs!

In the compost area the boys named and sorted the minibeasts into subsets.

In the construction area they used blocks and lego to design bug hotels, etc.

Look at all of our creative work! We made minibeasts using playdough, painted lovely ladybirds and beautiful butterflies. We drew different minibeasts and coloured snails, which were inspired by the artist Wassily Kandinsky.



Active Schools Week 2018

Active Schools Week 2018 has come to a close. We all had great fun participating in a range of sports.

A big thank you to all the parents who joined us in our laps of the pitches.


Benny Langan of All Aspects Fitness joined us on Monday and Tuesday to teach the boys some exercises to improve their overall strength. There will be boys practising push ups, squats and lunges in every house in Clane!

Shane Deasy loved teaching 4th Class some Tag Rugby drills.

Clane Lawn Tennis Club invited the lads down to take part in tennis lessons. Richie Mahony was their coach for the day. All the boys enjoyed their visit.

The classes had a ball with Claire Flynn, learning many Yoga movements and stretches.

Every class loved ending the week with the Active Day. There was great comradery and fun had in every class.

Our Marathon Challenge continues until the end of June. Every class is noticing a difference in their ability to run longer distances already. Well done boys and keep it up!


Violin Recital

We would like to remind you that we will be hosting our 6th Annual Violin Recital tomorrow (Wednesday 20/06). The recital will begin at 10 a.m. The boys have been practicing hard all year under the guidance of our wonderful teachers, Sandra and Maria Mason.

Active Schools Week 11th – 15th June 2018

We are very excited about Active Schools Week 2018 running from the 11th – 15th June. There are lots of different activities going on in the school all week to encourage children to be active.

We will kick off the week with parents of Juniors to 2nd class joining us on laps around the pitches.

We will have classes participating in different activities all week, giving them a taster of the sports and groups available in Clane. Benny Langan from All Aspects Fitness will be working the muscles, Claire Flynn will teach the boys some yoga, Clane Tennis Club have invited classes down to give tennis lessons and our own Shane Deasy will be introducing the game of Tag Rugby to some classes. We will also have each class participate in a Tug-of-War.

The parents of pupils from 3rd – 6th class will be invited in on Friday 15th to walk / jog / run laps of the pitches. The teachers will have to dust  off their football boots and shin guards for the annual Teachers v 6th Class soccer game which will bring our Active Schools Week to a close.

Active Schools Week will also mark the beginning of our “Run a Marathon” challenge. Pupils from Junior to 2nd class will aim to complete a half marathon by the end of June. The boys from 3rd – 6th class will aim to run a marathon. We look forward to this challenge!

Boys are allowed wear their tracksuit everyday during Active Schools Week.

With this beautiful weather we are having we want to get outside, move about, get plenty of exercise and BE ACTIVE!