Junior Infants : Aistear : May

 During the month of May, our Junior Infant men learned about the many different types of transport we use today, as well as those used in the past. We spent one week learning lots of facts about different vehicles old & new, before we went into our Aistear Stations.

We all loved the Role Play station this month.We had great fun acting out the Airport scenario, with security men, check-in officers, passport officials, passengers and even pilots! Look at us in action!  

At the sand area we made subsets of the different types of vehicles in use today . We then had freeplay in the sand with diggers and dumptrucks! Have a look at our photos to see how much fun we had!

In the creative station we made passports and boarding passes, in anticipation of our upcoming flights!

The matching cards and bingo games were good fun too. We learned to keep an eye on the transport cards our friends turned up, especially if they weren’t a matching pair, so that we might get a match next time around!

At the “Play Doh” station, we made hoses for fire engines, rotors for helicopters, trailers for tractors and much more. We are great engineers in Rooms 3,4 &5!

We really enjoyed our Aistear stations this month and look forward to travelling  in many of the vehicles we learned about  during the holidays. Stay safe everyone & don’t forget your seatbelts!