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3rd and 4th Class League Presentations

All of our 3rd and 4th Class boys gathered in the hall yesterday (May 3rd) for the presentation of medals to the winners and runners-up of our internal school leagues. These leagues promote participation and are fully inclusive, and give all of our boys the opportunity to experience being part of a team. It was lovely to acknowledge the achievements and efforts of all the boys over the past number of months. We were also delighted to present individual awards for player of the tournament, ‘man of the final’ and most improved, in both 3rd and 4th Class. Well done to all, and a huge thank you to all the teachers involved.

4th Class – ‘Plastics in the Ocean’

As part of work for our Discover Primary Science and Maths Award, our 4th Class men in Rooms 20, 21 and 22 have completed a projected entitled ‘Plastics in our ocean’. The boys have looked at some of the harmful effects of polluting our oceans. The boys found out that by 2050, there will be more plastics in the sea than fish. Plastics in the ocean can cause great damage to wildlife, with thousands of marine animals killed annually due to entanglement or ingesting plastic materials. They then used the findings of their investigations to start a campaign around the school, looking at our use of plastics, and encouraging us to search for alternatives. Among the suggestions are as follows:

  • Use reusable cups instead of plastic or cardboard
  • ‘Ditch the straw’ – replace the straw with reusable materials
  • Reduce the use of plastic bags when shopping
  • Not using toothpastes that contain ‘microbeads

Here are some images of the excellent display that our boys have created in the alarge hall on the topic.