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6th Class – Electronics

During the month of April, our 6th class boys in Room 15 have been working on the topic of electricity. We learned about some of the specific vocabulary and terms associated with the topic (diode circuit, insulator, conductor, fuse, battery, switchboard, etc.) and worked with the ‘Cambridge Brainbox’ toolkit to help us experiment with electricity in a safe way. We managed to create circuits that could power lights, make sounds and start an electric fan.

Design and Make – Egg Protectors

Today, we were looking at a science and engineering activity that would allow us to drop an egg from shoulder height and prevent it from cracking. To begin, each group dropped an egg from shoulder height, with all of them cracking. As you can see, we had to put them in sandwich bags to prevent mess!

Following this, the boys were set a challenge. They had to build a structure using straws, tissue, elastic bands, sellotape, blu tac, as well as other materials, that would protect the egg and prevent it from cracking when it hit the ground. I am sure that there are plenty of future engineers in Room 15, as the boys planned and produced very creative structures. Here are some pictures of the building process.

We concluded by testing our structures to see if the egg would crack or not. The structures all proved to be successful in preventing the egg from cracking. We even had a parachute design, which caught the air, meaning that it hit the ground with very little velocity, and thus did not break.

6th Class – Chance

This week we have been looking at the topic of ‘chance’ in Room 15. The boys took part in a variety of experiments, including the rolling of dice, and the picking of coloured cubes from a bag. We analysed the findings, including a look at the amount of odd/even numbers rolled, the most common number rolled, and how the results corresponded with our predictions before the experiment and what we felt ‘should’ happen. We created graphs to represent our results, and discussed how probability works.

Confirmation Preparation

In Room 15, this week we have been busy preparing for our Confirmation. We are also eagerly anticipating the visit on Bishop Denis Nulty on February 20th.

We have been learning about the life of the Blessed Oscar Romero. Romero was Archbishop of San Salvador, and he gave a voice for the poor and suppressed in a country that was economically and politically unstable. We completed a timeline of Romero’s life and designed our own ‘Romero crosses’ (colourful crosses that include features of the local environment).

We have also been busy completing our 8-week Confirmation Challenge, in partnership with Fr Paul and the parents. Each Monday we analyse the weekend’s Gospel and represent the key message through a drawing.

Finally, we have also completed much work in our Confirmation copies, including a look at Pentecost (the first Confirmation) We are looking forward to the visit of Bishop Denis, our retreat to Glendalough on February 27th and the Confirmation ceremony itself.

Room 15 – Water Absorbancy

Today, we looked at the topic of absorbency in science. We looked at how efficiently five different brands of kitchen towel could absorb water. The boys compared the performance of these, based on a number of factors, including the number of sheets in each roll.

When the experiment was completed, the boys were informed of which brand each roll was and how much it cost. We integrated a number of maths equations into our experiment to identify which roll represented the best value for money (even if it may not necessarily have absorbed the most water).

Room 15 – Africa ICT Projects

Over the past few weeks, the boys in Room 15 have been learning about the continent of Africa. We have been looking at a variety of countries in Africa. The boys each created a slideshow presentation on a country of their choice, and then presented it to the remainder of the class – it was great to learn so much about so many different countries. The slideshows looked at a variety of themes, including physical geography, customs and culture, poverty, education and access to clean drinking water.

As you can see, the standard of presentation was so high. It is great to see the boys experimenting with ICT. Well done boys!

Launch of Catholic Schools Week

Our Head Boy Andrew McCormack and Vice Head Boy Leo Bogan represented Scoil Phádraig, along with representatives from 500 other schools in the Kildare and Leighlin diocese, at the launch of Catholic Schools Week in Carlow Cathedral yesterday (17/01/2018). They presented a petition prayer box, which was blessed by Bishop Denis Nulty and will now be put in our sacred space in our school. Well done boys!

Catholic Schools Week will take place from Sunday 28th January to Friday 4th February