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2nd Class – Build a Bridge

We were delighted to welcome representatives from Intel Ireland to the school yesterday (20 April 2018). The representatives visited both of our second classes in Rooms 7 and 10 to discuss the process of ‘building a bridge’. The boys were initially shown pictures of many famous bridges around the world and attention was drawn to their main features. The boys worked collaboratively to firstly design, and then build, their bridges. They were given straws, lollipop sticks, string and ‘blue tac’ and were asked to design a bridge between two chairs that a toy car could travel over. The boys had great fun completing the task and it is clear that we have many budding engineers in our midst.

SAP Visit

On Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th March, our sixth class boys from rooms 11 and 15 traveled to Citywest to visit the Irish headquarters of the engineering company ‘SAP’. The boys learned that sap provide engineering and technological support to businesses all over the world. The boys began their day with an ice-breaker activity where they built structures using spaghetti sticks, before dismantling a computer and looking at its internal components.

After our first break, we looked at designing websites using the ‘Wix’ platform and at some basic coding processes using ‘Scratch’.

For the final part of the day, the boys got to look at some modern technologies and how they are created and used. They looked at robots, drones and various virtual reality games and creations. We had a fantastic two days and would like to thank Ronan O’Connell and all the team at SAP for their invite and great work with the boys.

Design and Make – Egg Protectors

Today, we were looking at a science and engineering activity that would allow us to drop an egg from shoulder height and prevent it from cracking. To begin, each group dropped an egg from shoulder height, with all of them cracking. As you can see, we had to put them in sandwich bags to prevent mess!

Following this, the boys were set a challenge. They had to build a structure using straws, tissue, elastic bands, sellotape, blu tac, as well as other materials, that would protect the egg and prevent it from cracking when it hit the ground. I am sure that there are plenty of future engineers in Room 15, as the boys planned and produced very creative structures. Here are some pictures of the building process.

We concluded by testing our structures to see if the egg would crack or not. The structures all proved to be successful in preventing the egg from cracking. We even had a parachute design, which caught the air, meaning that it hit the ground with very little velocity, and thus did not break.