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Maths Week 2017 14th – 22nd October

Our whole school engaged fully in Maths Week this October. All of our classes completed some very interesting Maths projects. Many of them were integrated into our quest for a ‘Certificate of STEM Excellence’ award. Have a look at some of the pictures from our great work below.

Our senior infants in room 1 created some scary  ‘2D alien shape monsters’.

Our Junior Infant men in Room 5 enjoyed a ‘maths trail’ around the school grounds.

Our Third Class boys in rooms 8 and 16 completed a traffic survey at different times of the school day. They analysed the type of vehicle (car, bus, bicycle, lorry, etc.) that passed the school gates and represented their results through bar charts. 

Our Fifth Class men in Rooms 9 and 12 showed their technical proficiency by using iPads to complete a ‘Maths eyes’ project around the school grounds.

The Sixth Class boys completed a ‘school census’, which posed 15 questions to every class in the school, relating to things such as number of siblings, favourite subject, how we travel to school. The boys then used the data to compile a series of bar and pie charts, before analysing the data and coming up with a series of facts about our school, and the pupils in the school.


Room 15 – Water Absorbancy

Today, we looked at the topic of absorbency in science. We looked at how efficiently five different brands of kitchen towel could absorb water. The boys compared the performance of these, based on a number of factors, including the number of sheets in each roll.

When the experiment was completed, the boys were informed of which brand each roll was and how much it cost. We integrated a number of maths equations into our experiment to identify which roll represented the best value for money (even if it may not necessarily have absorbed the most water).