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5th Class – iPad Use

Throughout the year, our fifth class men in both classes have been using iPads to enhance their learning experiences. The first contact they had with iPads was when they used them to undetake a ‘Maths Eyes’ project for Maths Week 2017. They took the iPads and captured images of different things in the school environment, before using Google Docs to create a maths question based on their image.

In addition to this, both classes used the tablets and the ‘Google Slides’ app to create presentations that would accompany their projects for the Intel Mini Scientist exhibition. These presentations gave a detailed account of how they competed the project, the rational behind it and how it worked.

Peer Tutoring – Coding

Our Sixth Class boys have been using our iPads over the past number of months to become familiar with coding, using ‘Scratch’. The boys have become very proficient, and so we decided that they would mentor our Senior Infant boys from Room 1 in how to code. The boys all went to the small hall last Friday (20th April) and showed our infants how ‘Scratch’ works, before letting them try for themselves. We learned how to make Scratch move from left to right, how to change a background or scene, how to create a story in more than one locations, how to add characters and get them to have a text conversation, and how to modify and create our own characters. We all had lots of fun, and cannot wait until our next session.

Room 15 – Africa ICT Projects

Over the past few weeks, the boys in Room 15 have been learning about the continent of Africa. We have been looking at a variety of countries in Africa. The boys each created a slideshow presentation on a country of their choice, and then presented it to the remainder of the class – it was great to learn so much about so many different countries. The slideshows looked at a variety of themes, including physical geography, customs and culture, poverty, education and access to clean drinking water.

As you can see, the standard of presentation was so high. It is great to see the boys experimenting with ICT. Well done boys!