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Aistear: Junior Infants

  During the month of January, our Junior Infant men learned about fruit & vegetables and the grocer’s shop. We spent one week learning lots of facts about different fruits & vegetables, before we went into our Aistear Stations.

We learned how important it is that we eat lots of fruit & veg every day, to keep us healthy. We learned that some fruits have pips, while others have a stone in the centre. We can grow some fruit in Ireland , but our country isn’t hot enough for many of the fruits we learned about, so we have to buy them from warmer countries like Spain, France, Italy etc.

The Grocer sells vegetables in his shop too. We had great fun pretending to be the shopkeeper or the customers in the shop.  We had to buy fruit & veg, ask the shopkeeper for assistance, pay for our shopping and work out our change. If we ran out of supplies as the grocer, we phoned our “grocer friend”, who kindly shared with us. We all loved the Role Play station this month.


At the sand area we made subsets of the different fruit & veg we can buy in the Grocer’s Shop. Have a look at our photos to see how much fun we had!

In the creative station, we made fruit-bowls using card, glue and paper. We developed our cutting skills here, as there were lots of curved shapes to cut out! If we were finished early, we played the “Shopping Trolley “ game.

The matching cards and bingo games were good fun too. We learned to keep an eye on the fruit or veg cards our friends turned up, especially if they weren’t a matching pair, so that we might get a match next time around!


Who knows where we may be off to next month in our Aistear Stations, but tune in and we will let you know in due course!