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Active Archie

Another year has come to a close. This year has been extra special as we had someone very important join our school community, Active Archie.

Archie has been with us at school events such as our school walks, at football and hurling matches, Active School’s week and at swimming lessons.

Archie was also so lucky to visit boys homes. He was kept fit and healthy as the boys did exercises with him at home, brought him on walks, runs, cycles and scoots! He joined boys at their training in the G.A.A and at rugby clubs. He visited local parks and playgrounds. He played basketball, swing ball, tennis and playground games.

Archie has had a fantastic year and we have all loved having him part of our school and home life.

Now it’s time Archie put the feet up and looked back on his memories from the year, of which there are many! He will enjoy the summer holidays and he’s already counting the days until he is back with us on the 30th August.

Scoil Phádraig Marathon Challenge

The month of June saw Junior Infants to 2nd class participate in the Half Marathon Challenge and 3rd class to 6th in the Marathon Challenge. Our running brought our classes all over the world…….

Junior Infants: London Half Marathon

Senior Infants: Dublin Half Marathon

1st Class: New York Half Marathon

2nd Class: Sydney Half Marathon

3rd Class: Berlin Marathon

4th Class: Tokyo Marathon

5th Class: Paris Marathon

6th Class: Boston Marathon

Whether walking or running each child has completed this mammoth task. Over the course of the month the boys even noticed they were able to run for longer distances and didn’t need to take as many rest breaks between laps. Who knows…. Maybe this is the first of many marathons the pupils of Scoil Phádraig will complete!


Active Schools Launch


At Scoil Phadraig we officially launched our Active Schools campaign on Monday 19th February. We invited the parents of Junior – 2nd class to partake in a school walk with their children. We were lucky to have the leaders of Get Clane Fit with us on the day to lend us a helping hand. Our much loved mascot, Active Archie lead the way.



Drop Everything And Run (DEAR) is an activity that we have promoted across the school this year. The boys love getting away from their academic work from time to time and going for a run is a great way to break up the day. Exercise breaks are great for improving concentration across the school day.




Walk on Wednesday (WOW) is ongoing in our school. Green Schools initially introduced WOW and it really has gone from strength to strength. This week was no different to any other. As usual, we had a great turnout of students and parents. We would love to see even more children and parents participate in WOW each week.


A new initiative we undertook was Travel Thursdays. Being active on our way to and from school is a great way to help reach our daily exercise goal. By travelling on their scooters, bikes and skateboards the boys avoided the busy morning traffic! We encourage boys to stay safe while travelling to and from school.


Closing out the week, we invited the parents of the senior classes in to walk with their children. The week was a huge success and the boys can’t wait to continue with and try new exercises and activities on a daily basis. On behalf of the Active Schools Committee, we would like to thank all involved in making our week so successful.