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Science- Space

Senior Infants carried out an experiment to explore gravity on Earth. We held two bottles of water at the same height and predicted which bottle would hit the ground first. We had many different predictions so there was a lot of discussion. We varied the weight of the bottles and also dropped them from different heights to ensure it was a fair test. Check out our photos below to see the results!

We had great fun launching a rocket. We blew up a balloon, let it go and noticed what happened. Next, we discussed ways in which we could control the path in which the balloon was travelling. We then connected the balloon to a piece of string and launched our very own space rocket in the small hall!

We carried out an experiment to discover why there are craters on the moon. To make the moon’s surface we put flour and cocoa powder in a big tray. We used pieces of plasticine as meteorites and predicted what would happen when we dropped them onto the moon’s surface. We changed the size of the meteorites and dropped them from different heights to see if there was any difference in the craters. As you can see making craters was quite messy but great fun!


Senior Infants- Aistear- Space

During the month of January, Senior Infants have been learning all about the theme ‘Space’. We spent two weeks learning lots of fascinating facts about Space before we went into our Aistear Stations. It was a very popular theme because it was so interesting and lots of fun!
Over the two weeks we learned all about the solar system, astronauts and the first moon landing. We learned all about the stars, the moon and the planets. We now know that the sun is actually a giant star and the position of all the planets in relation to the sun (thanks to a very clever mnemonic!). We discussed what it would be like to be an astronaut in space, watched some you tube clips of astronauts brushing their teeth and washing their hair and even how they go to the toilet in Space!! We read a very funny book called Aliens Love Underpants, The Loon on the Moon, Adam’s Amazing Space Adventures and some interesting fact books in English and listed the top ten things astronauts would need to bring to space. In our history lesson, we also heard all about the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, and learned all about the crew in Apollo 11. We really enjoyed watching the video of the first moon landing from 1969; our favourite part was when Neil and Buzz danced around on the moon. We learned that Neil Armstrong’s footprint is still on the moon because there is no wind there! We even wrote a short report on the life of Neil Armstrong and drew some lovely pictures. At Music time we learned lots of lovely songs such as the very catchy Planet Song to help us remember facts about our planets. Have a look at our photos to see how much fun we were having!

At the Role Play area we had the opportunity to take on the role of an astronaut in both The Space Ship and Space Station. Here we had to fill in a space passport, travel to space, enter data into the Log Book using all the information learned during the teaching weeks.

In the construction area, we spent one week making space ships out of the large wooden blocks and another making Space Stations from Lego.

At the Creative Station, we created flying saucers with aliens inside and we constructed our own space rockets. We designed our own colourful underpants inspired by our book ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. We also cut out pictures and planet words and arranged them in order from the sun. This really helped with our cutting and gluing skills. Lastly, we spent time creating the solar system, planets, rockets and aliens from play dough.

In our Small World we had fun making some Space jigsaws and in our sand corner we loved finding the planets with tweezers!